In The Chains Grip Sack

Type: variable
We are pleased to bring you what we think are not only the best looking grip bags on the market but also the most effective grip bags on the market. \n \nHave you ever suffered with sweaty palms or moisture effecting that vital putt in tournament or even in a casual round with friends. That will no longer be the case with our grip sacks, they perform outstandingly in all conditions at removing moisture from your hands mid round giving you a clean release on drives and putts whatever the conditions. (you can even use it like Gannon Buhr to test the wind) \n \nThey are handmade by us at In The Chains HQ and they come in all different fabrics with more on the way. \n \nWe really do think these are the best grip sacks on the market, hence putting our name to them. Find out for yourself grab one today and use it to improve your game. \n \n